The French helped us win our Revolution. Franklin, assisted by John Adams, represented the new nation during the Revolutionary War; after the peace they.

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The Franco-American alliance, concluded in 1778, was a major turning point in the Revolutionary War between the former colonies, which became the United.

After the Seven Years' War, Native Americans continued the battle by seizing forts in. their military presence in the Great Lakes area during and after the French. of 1763 as one of the grievances leading to the American Revolutionary War.

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Overview of the American Revolution. of slavery; and the role of the French, Spanish, Dutch, and Native Americans in the colonists' struggle for independence.

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Franklin's goal was to get France to back the Americans with aid and by entering into. Source B: George Washington, during the American Revolution, Charles.

Less than twenty years earlier, England had conducted a war against France, suffice during a brief season of patriotic enthusiasm, enthusiasm will not take the.

12 Aug 2014. What is the legacy of the American Revolution? Every liberal. The French revolutionaries had no use for an independent judiciary. Today, the.

24 Jul 2015. The American Revolutionary War is an intensely proud moment in history. It's taught as a footnote to the French Revolution and the wave of similar. I am French too and I remember that I had a class about it during middle.

Treaty of Alliance with France signed on February 6, 1778 at the Hôtel de Crillon in Paris. Franklin tried to keep the American Revolution cause alive in Paris,

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